Wella Color Charm Painting BALAYAGE LIGHTENER


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28.3g / 1 oz.

New and unopened. 100% genuine and authentic Wella product. Made in Germany.

Wella introduces the Painting Balayage System – a clay-based lightener for natural-looking highlights. With Wella Color Charm Painting, you can easily balayage without worry and with perfect precision! No foils. No transferring. Just a creamy, easy-to-spread application that results in the natural-looking blonde your clients want.

Balayage is a freehand technique where lightener is swept or painted onto sections of hair by hand rather than using foils or a cap. It allows for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable re-growth. This technique is a great option for women with naturally dark hair (98% of the population) because it gives gentle, natural-looking results, no line of demarcation and easy-to-manage regrowth. Balayage can be done on a variety of hair lengths from a short cut with lighter ends all the way to hair below the shoulders where the sweeping motion shows soft movement in the hair.


Balayage with perfect precision.

Clay-based, ammonia-free lightener.

Creamy, easy-to-spread application.

No foils, no transferring.

How To Use:

Mix with 30vol developer. Apply to surface of dry hair in a “V” shape. Process, checking every 5-10 minutes (50 minutes max). Do not use heat. Rinse, shampoo and condition. See individual packet for full instructions. For professional use.