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Size: 90ml (3 oz.)

CHROMASILK VIVIDS applied to previously lightened hair, these colours require no developer and contain no ammonia. VIVIDS can be interspersed with more conventional colours to provide an array of stunning colour effects or intermixed to create an infinite pallet of colour. VIVIDS are the longest-lasting colours of their type available anywhere. Colours include Silver, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Magenta, Violet, Green, Blue, and Wild Orchid.

VIVIDS Usage Guide
VIVIDS are classified as a semi-permanent colour, however VIVIDS, when used as directed on pre-lightened hair the results are more or less permanent. The actual colour durability is dependent on the condition, “porosity” and maintenance of the colour. VIVIDS produces unmatched, bright, long-lasting vibrant colours and is a direct dye (requires NO developer) that stains slightly below the cuticle. VIVIDS can “bleed” onto other decolorized hair on the same head. Careful shampoo and rinsing procedure should be used to avoid this.

VIVIDS can be intermixed for custom blending with one another and can be added to other ChromaSilk colors (1 inch per ounce of colour). The color of the VIVIDS paste indicates the true VIVIDS colour as it will appear on pre-lightened hair. Hair colour durability is extended by using Pravana Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner for home maintenance. Client should also avoid chlorinated pool or salt water and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Vibrant Colours on Pre-Lightened Hair
Pre-lighten hair using Pure Light Power Lightener to the desired level of lift. The degree of lift achieved will affect the longevity, vibrancy and intensity of the final colour. You must consider the undertone created and realize this will contribute to the final colour. For purity of VIVIDS color, follow the chart below and pre-lighten hair to the level indicated for each VIVIDS color. Do not mix VIVIDS with Peroxide.
Note: VIVIDS is a long-lasting direct staining dye when used on pre-lightened hair. It cannot be removed with our Artificial Hair Color Extractor or bleach, but can be permanently coloured over using our natural tones with no lift developer to match the client’s natural color level 6/7 or darker.

ChromaSilk VIVIDS Color
Pre-lighten to level 7 Orange/Gold for Magenta
Pre-lighten to level 7 Orange/Gold for Violet
Pre-lighten to level 7 Orange/Gold for Red
Pre-lighten to level 7 Orange/Gold for Orange
Pre-lighten to level 7 Orange/Gold Wild for Orchid
Pre-lighten to level 7 Orange/Gold for Yellow
Pre-lighten to level 9 Pale Yellow for Green
Pre-lighten to level 9 Pale Yellow for Blue
Pre-lighten to level 10 Palest Yellow for Silver
Pre-lighten to level 10 Palest Yellow for Pink
Pre-lighten to level 10 Palest for Yellow

VIVIDS Application Process
After pre-lightening, shampoo with Pravana Sulfate-Free Color Ensure Shampoo. Towel dry hair completely and apply VIVIDS colour with a bowl/brush technique. To prevent staining, avoid contact with scalp and skin, process for 20 minutes. Shampoo lightly, rinse until water is clear and apply conditioner and rinse.

Colour Creations
•Lovely Lilac: 1/2 oz. Silk Degrees Shine Treatment, 2 drops Magenta, 1 drop Violet

•Awesome Apricot: 1 oz. Yellow, 1 oz. Silk Degrees Shine Treatment, and 6 drops of Magenta

•Kelly Green: ¼ oz. Orange and ¼ oz. Green

•Lime Green: 1/2 oz. Yellow, 1/2 oz. Green

•Great Grape: Pink and Silver

•Rihanna Red: Red and Magenta
For professional use. Please follow instructions on the packaging and conduct a preliminary skin allergy patch test. Use at your own risk.

Any colour swatches shown are intended as a guide only and may appear different on different monitors or devices. Individual results may vary.


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