PRAVANA ChromaSilk ColorLush 6N ENGLISH TOFFEE Ammonia-Free

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New and unopened. 100% genuine and authentic Pravana product.

Size: 60ml (2 oz.)

ColorLush is the next–generation demi-color that creates the most beautiful and gentle hair color experience imaginable.

This full-range of highly-artistic, Ammonia-Free and MEA-Free Demi Glosses is super-fast and easy to apply. ColorLush creates rich color that incrementally improves the integrity of the hair, leaving it feeling healthier, while imparting glass-like shine. ColorLush is a no-lift, true demi-color to create dynamic color, blend gray or serve as a color refresher or glaze, color back or tint back.

For professional use. Please follow instructions on the packaging and conduct a preliminary skin allergy patch test. Use at your own risk.

Any colour swatches shown are intended as a guide only and may appear different on different monitors or devices. Individual results may vary.