How to Tone Orange Hair

Light orange (yellow-orange) hair needs a violet-blue based toner. Great choices to eliminate the unwanted brassiness are Wella Color Charm T10 Pale Blonde and Wella Color Charm T14 Pale Ash Blonde. Both of them will turn your light orange hair in a natural neutral blonde.

Bright orange hair needs a toner that is slightly darker. Wella Color Charm T35 Beige Blonde will be ideal in this case. It will replace the orange with a neutral medium beige blonde.

Alternatively, you can use a blue-based hair colour to fight the orange. Wella Color Charm 7A/672 Medium Smokey Ash Blonde or Wella Color Charm 8A/740.5 Light Ash Blonde are working wonders on bright orange hair and leave you with a beautiful blonde, so you don’t need to hide yourself at home any longer.

Dark orange hair needs a darker shade to tone out the orange (remember, toners cannot lighten the hair, so you need to pick a colour similar to the level of your hair). Wella Color Charm 6A/462 Dark Ash Blonde and Wella Color Charm 6AA/542 Dark Blonde Intense Ash are popular choices in the fight against reddish orange hair.